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bikewire defined

WHAT THE HELL IS A BIKEWIRE? watching the evolution of has been fairly fascinating.  so far it has had over 1000 visits since the beta version went live in february, covering 28 states and 27 countries.  here’s the low … Continue reading

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Bike-In Movies hit Jackson Hole!

one of the more fun things in life is sipping suds under stars with your neighbors.  bike-in movies rock, which is why fitzgerald’s bicycles is hosting their second annual series this year.  i’m still sure that RAD was the best … Continue reading

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if you haven’t experienced an xtracycle, i highly recommend trying one out.  they ride great, and are uber functional.  it’s always fun after you’re barbecuing with a bunch of folks, and you realize you have run out of beer.  you … Continue reading

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Costa Rican Bike Culture

costa rica is, for a lot of reasons, awesome.  the fruits are divine.  the people are friendly.  and if you spend most of your time in a land locked state – you are finally able to tear your clothes off … Continue reading

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Bruce Willis had a Bike Car?

so this was a gift to a couple in Jackson from Bruce Willis.  then there was a split up.  then a law suit, and neither party wanted the bike, but the nanny did.  then the nanny gave it to a … Continue reading

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Mini Touring Yellowstone

ON THE ROAD AGAIN i haven’t done a huge amount of touring.  but, i’ve done enough to know it’s what i like to do.  my last tour was more of a bike-move, covering 500 miles from colorado to jackson hole … Continue reading

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