surly trailers are the cat’s meow

if you’re looking for a bike trailer that can haul some serious weight and stand up to abuse look no further than surly’s bill & ted.

wheel placement – the wheels are centered enough to reduce tongue weight.  this means that you can put a keg on it and your bike won’t take the same abuse your liver is getting ready to.

wedges – placed on either side so that when your friend rides it into a corner of a building the trailer will bounce out rather than throwing you buddy (he deserved it) flying into the cement.

sturdy fenders – this helps keep your cargo from interfering with your wheels.

bomber bicycle mount - could it look any better than that?  fits 20″ to 29″ tires.

conclusion – 100% steel, this thing looks like it was made in the 70′s when things were built to last.  it’s offered in two sizes.  the bill – 63″ x 24″ & the ted – 32″ x 24″.  worth every penny.

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