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watching the evolution of has been fairly fascinating.  so far it has had over 1000 visits since the beta version went live in february, covering 28 states and 27 countries.  here’s the low down: is a place for bikers, tourers, racers & dirtbags like you and me to create a system of trade routes across the globe (and maybe the galaxy) – on, of course, bicycles.  bikewire is a bicycle deliver network, and it has two sides to it.

at first, i simply twisted the arms of my friends to hop on and make a wire.  “you want me to do what?”  “just go to and make a wire.”  it was cool because most people get it once they jump on the site.  then, people i didn’t know started using it, which was great.  however, most people are simply making “wire posts” which means that you want to be a courier.  you can say “i live in the DC area, and would be stoked to move something for you, i have a messenger bag, and i drink beer.”  so the object of attention for bikewire right now is requests.  most people aren’t making requests yet, so here’s some beta for that…

start small.  start big.  it doesn’t matter.  think to yourself, “self, what do i need right now?”  if you’re a business owner, this is right up your ally.  make a bikewire request for riders to deliver your pies, “i need a bunch of riders that have pizza carrying abilities to deliver pies in the x region.”

another idea is to set up a bike move.  if your in college you probably move every 12 months.  keep your inner pack rat to a minimum and move your stuff via a bikes with all of your friends: “need help with a bike move next saturday, bring a bike, trailer if you got one and a drinking receptacle for beer.  i’ll provide food and beer – it’s gonna be a party!”

or hell, maybe you live in california and want a letter ridden to your mother who lives in new york.  sounds far fetched?  thousands of people follow the adventure cycling routes everywhere, so if you can piece it together, you could probably find a rider (or riders) to carry something these great lengths.

the future of this concept is as extensive as your imagination, and the ideas for the website development are endless.  obviously they take time, and money to create.  these are not hardships that we cannot overcome, but the most important part is YOU.  bikewire needs you, and everyone you know to start making wires.  so get to work!

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  1. I cannot wait to get back to the states and bikewire/wirebike my gear…..think I will be moving to az or back to jxn…either way, i’m doing it by bike and i’m stoked!


  2. Joel says:

    Great idea. If this idea catches on and a large number of biking people get involved, it seems natural to use the system to request or volunteer to haul bikes, bikers and bike related items by automobile for the benefit of bikers? For example: When I drive to biking events, I often have room on my bike rack for 1 or more bikes, plus room in my car for 1 or more bikers.

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