bikewire is a grassroots courier service for people and businesses alike, helping the world – one beer trade at a time.

first of all, bikewire is a labor of love for ski bum, bike loving, beer drinking: andy zimmerman.  when the site isn’t progressing at a rate that you deem acceptable, start a fire under his ass by emailing him here: andy@bikewire.org.

there are 2 aspects of bikewire.  you can sign up to be a courier, or ask for courier services.  signing up as a courier means that you have a bicycle, with a certain capability (messenger bag, trailer, jacket pocket, etc.), and that you are willing to travel a certain distance (or from point A to point B), and that you are willing to do something for an established trade (i recommend beer).

on the other hand, you may need to run an errand, or have something transported from point A to B.  you might think to yourself, “self, i need this item transported and i don’t have time, nor do i want to use fossil fuels to have it transported.”  log on to bikewire and see who’s in your area.

bikewire is established to connect these 2 types of folks.

the platform for this is constantly evolving and improving, so sign up and give it a whirl.  again, recommendations and fires (see above) should be sent to andy@bikewire.org.

so get started!  make a wire!

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